How To: Giveaway Time!

Delaney Erks

Posted on August 26 2022

How To: Giveaway Time!


This week we are taking time to do a giveaway! Giveaways are a great way to build engagement on your page and get people involved. They are extremely easy to setup and take minimal time to plan. I love doing giveaways because they bring awareness to your brand and one lucky person walks away with some great items! Here are some tips and tricks to successfully run one. 

First decide what exactly you will be giving away. It has to be eye catching and the value has to be worth it to the customer. People won't take time out of their day to tag and share a post when the prize is a $5 gift card. The better the value of the giveaway, the more people will interact and enter. I like to do gift cards because that brings the giveaway winner right back to your store to see what else they may like. Don't be afraid to throw in lesser value items that still intrigue people like stickers, jewelry, or sunglasses. I like to have at least one high value item and a few lower value items for a good variety. 

After the prize is decided, create a flyer or post with all the giveaway information. Make sure you clearly state the prize, how to enter, the end date, and any rules involved. The post should be personalized to your brand and highlight that there is a giveaway going on. The rules on how a contestant can enter is completely up to you. Do not make it too difficult or that will drive people away. Don't make the contest too long or followers will forget about it and become uninterested. Clearly state any rules and how that prize will be delivered to the winner. Now all that is left to do is promote your giveaway anyway you can! Share across all your platforms and watch the entries come in!

At the end of the giveaway it will be time to choose a winner. Some businesses will manually write out each entry and pick a name. There are other softwares that can automatically enter the names and choose a winner for you. Either way, I recommend letting your followers watch you choose a winner and post a video or go live for this occasion. Who doesn't love watching a winner be chosen for a contest?! Let followers know that the contest has ended and announce the winner on a new post. Personally DM the winner to get any contact info so they can claim their prize! It's that easy, and now you have a bunch of new followers to promote your brand to and one happy winner! It's a win win for everyone. 

Enter our giveaway today through our Instagram @shopdelaneyrose. The prizes include a $50 gift card, tote bag, sticker pack, and a shower steamer! Contest ends September 1, 2022. Good luck everyone!

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