The Key To Social Media

Delaney Erks

Posted on January 09 2023

The Key To Social Media


If your business does not have social media you are completely missing out. Even if you have your accounts set up, but aren't using them properly. It takes a lot of determination and patience to build social media accounts on any platform. Today we will go over some tips and tricks that Delaney Rose uses to expand her following and create the best content possible!

One of the most important factors is going to be the content you are creating and posting. These images and videos need to be high quality. Most creators use editing apps like Lightroom, VSCO, or FaceTune. I use the same filters throughout my Instagram to create a uniform theme that looks asethically pleasing. Make your captions count and never skip out on hashtags. Remember to tag your products to make it easy for customers to click to your website when they like something. 

Social media should take up a large chunk of your time. It is important to have a posting schedule whether it's daily or a few times a day. Always have something up on your stories for followers to view and show them you are active. I would recommend at least one post day. My Facebook and Instagram are connected so when I post to Insta it automatically posts to Facebook. Having systems like this in place makes it easier for you to manage and post on multiple platforms at once. 

Variety is going to be another important factor. Your followers want to see more than just boring photos of your product. Take videos, use features like boomerang, ask questions, and use Insta polls. Make your accounts fun to view and interactive for your followers. Respond to comments and always keep the conversation going. It doesn't matter if you have 5 or 5,000 followers, treat your accounts professionally and have fun with it! People will like you for you and just watch your following grow. 

Once you start to grab peoples attention, you need to make sure all your links work. Create interesting and fun bio's that describe your business well. Keep it short and get to the point. Make sure your website is linked in your profile and that it actually works. I use a program called LinkTree that displays any links you wish to add for your customers to view. I like to list my website, other social medias, and any other platforms I sell on. 

Algorithm's change depending on the platform. You may have heard this word before and many people ignore it. Algorithm is the way each platform pushes content to its users. The algorithm is what brings your content to people using the app. This may be using certain titles, tags, or even posting at certain times of the day. Take a few minutes to research each platform you are using and how to best use their algorithm!

Your content may vary from platform to platform. TikTok is known to be a more laid back form of social media with less professionalism and more day in the life type videos. Facebook and Instagram I like to use more professional photos. Just know your audience and pay attention to what performs best. I will even repurpose content if it does poorly on one platform. This just means I post it to another platform to test if it does better. Pay attention to your analytics and create as much as you can! 




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