Buying Inventory

Delaney Erks

Posted on April 29 2023

Buying Inventory

There are many ways to how I stock up the store. There is always a process and many factors that go into purchasing inventory for a boutique. You have to think: There are so many brands and styles out there, how do you choose? Why can't I buy from these brands myself? How do you even find them? Thankfully I have been buying for my store for 2 years now so I have it down to a tee! And I will gladly answer any questions you may have.

The first step is to review our buying process. Each boutique has one in place. This ensures we buy within our budget, purchase items we know will sell, and stay within the styles and vibes of our brand. This helps us to filter through what will and won't work at our store. After reviewing our buying process it is time to actually find brands to buy from!

Each boutique owner has a sellers permit that grants them access to wholesale websites and markets. This means the public does not have access to the brands we buy from, unless the brand has their own personal website that they sell on. This is why boutiques are so special! We carry super unique stuff that you wouldn't find anywhere else. The wholesale markets are nice because we get to feel the clothing to ensure the quality before putting it into our store. Most of these brands are based out of LA, but others are from all around!

I also carry lots of small businesses and local artists. We have over 50 different brands we love and continue to grow and add more. Our inventory is always updating and changing. We only get a style in once, and once its gone we usually don't get it back. This helps our inventory stay fresh, new, and exclusive!

You may have noticed our Online Exclusives section! These are items we drop ship from brands we love and trust. This just means we don't carry the inventory and the brand itself is shipping it directly to you. We do not have a warehouse so all inventory is carried in our brick and mortar location located at 1813 Bull St. in Savannah, GA. This is why I added an exclusive section to provide even more from brands we love! I hope this helped to answer any questions!

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